How the Chairman of Rackspace, some Navy SEALs and a few Israeli innovators came together and discovered the heart of entrepreneurship...
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Steve Wiggins, founder and former Chairman, Oxford Health Plans
Successful entrepreneurs are willing to begin 'walking in the direction of their dream' before they have all the answers. This book is a good reminder that Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt, the enemies of "doing" can be overcome to achieve your dreams.
Yossef Idan, Commander Elite Units, Israeli Defense Force, Entrepreneur
The UnStoppables cracks the code for anyone to understand what it takes to accomplish the greatest of goals, as an entrepreneur or a professional. We take these same strategies on our toughest missions—and then we use them to succeed in civilian life. This book shows you how.
Bill Seith, Special Operations Chief (Ret.) U.S. Navy SEALs, Entrepreneur
Twenty-one years in the SEALs taught me the mechanics of doing ‘no matter what.’       This book actually translates it for entrepreneurs—ordinary folks who face many of the emotions we do. I know because like many of my teammates, I’ve become an entrepreneur. The lessons in this book are making it happen.
Lisa Ireland, Partner, Hamilton Companies
If there were a graduate school that truly taught entrepreneurship, Graham Weston of Rackspace would not only be the classic case study, he would teach the course! He and his  partners understood on day one that people and integrity are what it’s all about.
Kim Jeffery, former Chairman and CEO Nestle Waters North America, Owners of Perrier, San Pellegrino and other brands
We became the third largest non-alcoholic beverage company in North America which nobody thought was possible, using unstoppable ideas explained in this book—especially-- that nothing stops a team on an inspiring mission, and that only cultures built on belief can compete in the new era. This book will make you a believer, too.
Fred Reichheld, Bain Fellow, Creator of Net Promoter®, and author of “The Ultimate Question 2.0”
Finally, a guidebook for entrepreneurs that shows what it’s really about--how they make a difference and transform lives by inspiring teams to touch greatness; how they learn to delight their customers most of all.