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“We need millions more entrepreneurs. But the real essence of entrepreneurship is the one thing that schools and consultants don’t teach. So we went on a journey to find it…”


This is the story about how an unlikely team – the chairman of a multi-billion dollar tech company, a few Navy SEALs, some Israeli innovators, and a branding expert – came together to find the central core of entrepreneurship. What they discovered will change the conventional theories on this topic. But most importantly, their discoveries will change you. Because what they found is the power that makes people UnStoppable. Something to be tapped, not taught. A power waiting in all of us who are willing to set it free.

Based on the unique entrepreneurial experience of foreword author Graham Weston, along with author Bill Schley’s expert insights on finding your “Big Idea,” this book delves deeper than normal business books into the “emotional mechanics” of accomplishment, no matter what your dream. It connects you with the world’s greatest masters of fear, risk, failure, and innovation-on-the-fly in any situation, revealing the lessons that only they could teach you.

The UnStoppables will show you the real factors that put entrepreneurs in motion. It lays out the Six UnStoppable Rule sets you can learn in about an hour – the ones that make entrepreneurs succeed in start-ups and or any company that wants to keep its entrepreneurial spirit. It will make you wiser. But most of all, it will make you a believer.