Book in Seven Sentences

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Book in Seven Sentences


1. The war for the future is happening now. It ’s about jobs and economic power, and we need a wartime response.

2. The key to winning is in the hands of UnStoppable entrepreneurs.  We need millions more.

3. We went looking for the essence of entrepreneurship, but we couldn’t find the solution in the usual places . . . so we went on a journey.

4. We talked to Israeli entrepreneurs and Navy SEALs—experts in fear, risk, and failure.

5. We found the system nations use in wartime:
• Distill the essence of what it takes to put people in motion, and
• Teach the emotional mechanics of getting started and keeping on through risk.

6. It ’s called Accelerated Proficiency . It makes people believers and makes them UnStoppable.

7. This book is about accelerated proficiency for entrepreneurs.  It will
• debunk the false myths about entrepreneurs and what they do;
• demonstrate the skills, rules, and power that make entrepreneurs UnStoppable; and
• show why it works in big companies, too—and why it ’s the key to the future.