The UnStoppables–Welcome to Our Blog

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May 6 — Pub date. Welcome. As Graham Weston says in the foreword– The UnStoppables isn’t just a book– it’s a quest to find the true heart of entrepreneurship because America and the world needs millions more, from all disciplines and all walks of life, as soon as we can get them.

We originally came together to create this book because of the belief that schools can teach you about business – but they can’t teach you to be an entrepreneur. Of course there are financial and business considerations when starting a company, but the true entrepreneurial spirit is the confluence of key emotions required to face obstacles, stare down risk, confront fear and accept failure. Mastering those emotional mechanics and learning the art of accelerated proficiency is how an entrepreneur becomes a force; a true success.

Now that the UnStoppables book is available to hold in your hands, the journey doesn’t stop here–it starts here. It began for me as a visitor to Rackspace in San Antonio, seeing what an entrepreneurial dream that began with three college friends could literally turn into–the busy hum of 5,000 Rackers working on a mission together in a headquarters made out of a converted shopping mall. It continued as a journey around the globe to gather lessons from Navy SEALs, Israeli start-up founders and even The Karate Kid to find the true source of entrepreneurial power that nearly anyone can tap–either to start a new enterprise– or to become more innovative and entrepreneurial in the organizations where we already work.

We hope the UnStoppables helps you begin, accelerate or re-focus your journey toward a more entrepreneurial future. The biggest lesson of all may be that the real winners never, ever stop learning–and never stop their quest for the essence. We hope we can be a stepping stone in your quest. Welcome to the UnStoppables.

Bill Schley