Top 3 Ways to Tell Your Loved Ones You’re Going to be an Entrepreneur…

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Someone asked us recently– “What are the top three pieces of advice you’d offer to entrepreneurs on how they can best prepare loved ones for their journey into starting up?

My immediate reaction was: “Just tell them your idea, why you need to do this and show them the true passion your have for following your dream. Loved ones by definition will yearn for you to follow it, not to hold you back.”
“Not with these loved ones, the person said. These are my parents. And they always wanted me to go to Dental School!” They think a “start-up” is when someone gives you jumper cables for a dead battery. And then they’d worry about the legal liability.”

You’re going to need some extra horsepower, I said. Here might be a good top three in your particular case:

Number 3:
Show up for the talk in a pink feather boa and high heeled pumps if you’re a guy–wearing combat boots and motor cycle leathers if you’re a girl. Then say: “I’ve got something I’ve needed to talk to you about for a really long time.” Lord knows what they’ll be expecting.  When it’s only that you’re quitting your six figure job and mortgaging your house to start your own business, they’ll jump up and hug you for it.

Number 2:
Tell them it was either this or the witness protection program.

Make your mother the CFO.

Beyond that– Trust your loved ones to support you when they see your dream is stronger than your doubt. You’ll find that even the most pessimistic family members secretly admire anyone who steps into the arena, seeking to maximize their own lives and the lives they’ll touch with a successful business. The only difference between those who succeed and those fail is that the successful failed to listen to the 97% of friends and family who initially advised “no.”

Bill Schley