UnStoppable Review in Rivard Report

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Thanks to writer and business expert Winslow Swart and the rest of the folks at San Antonio’s Rivard Report–the hottest online source in America’s ‘City on the Rise.’ San Antonio is one of the nation’s most dynamic start-up communities–home to Rackspace and Geekdom a collaborative work space that calls itself The Place Where Start-Ups are Born. Here’s a great quote:

“There is a rare and disruptive chain of genetic code in the human DNA – entrepreneur. Only half of those who possess this anomalistic signature are aware of its power, for the other half it remains to be discovered or never uncovered. Now one of San Antonio’s most celebrated entrepreneurs, Rackspace co-founder and chairman and Geekdom founder Graham Weston, has teamed up with friend, branding expert and author Bill Schley to spread their shared version of the entrepreneur’s gospel message.

Attention, business school applicants: You might want to read The UnStoppables before enrolling and taking on all that college debt. Both Schley in the body of the book and Weston in the Foreword suggest the key to unlocking an individual’s entrepreneurial spirit is more likely to be discovered outside academic halls and right in the crucible of a startup company or in the learning laboratory of a technology incubator…

Now read the rest…http://bit.ly/13ojTSD